Welcome to We are devoted to the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon television show, based on the popular anime/manga series “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” by Naoko Takeuchi. We are happy to provide you with video clips, scans, screencaps, fan graphics, information and an episode guide among the the resources on the site.

This site is chock full of SPOILERS in both the text and media.

Opened: July 2005
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Latest Updates

March 14th, 2013 – I haven’t fallen off the moonie bandwagon, I’m just having a baby and I got other stuff to take care of. 🙂

June 6th, 2012 – 250+ Act Six screencaps added.

May 22nd, 2012 – 260 Act Five screencaps added.

May 18th, 2012 – 300+ Act Four screencaps added.

May 13th, 2012 – Happy Mother’s Day, fellow mamas. 300+ Act Three Screencaps added.

Older Updates

May 10th, 2012 – Slowly redoing all my screencaptures. Yes, including the ones for the assorted guides. This will take awhile but Acts One and Two are done.

May 7th, 2012 – Finished making the layout sitewide.

May 5th, 2012 – We’re BA-ACK! The site’s back (and hack free, thank you). Some pages were removed during the clean-up, a few new ones were added.

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